Original Copies

Gonzalo Hergueta documents over three months of a visual study that seeks for new aesthetic expressions through the creative use of technology. Through photographs with minor retouching and the scanner as medium to enhance and explore image-making, he developed a study of more than five hundred micro sculptures built with extremely fragile industrial materials. Once these pieces were constructed and photographed they were then discarded. 

By reproducing the resulting images in bigger mediums, the work leads the viewer to observe new intrinsic aesthetic qualities hidden to the human eye in the original object. This process allows technology not only to portray, but also preserve a fleeting visual experience that would be otherwise non-existent to the spectator.

Tipology: Photobook
Language: English
Edition: 2018
Number of Pages (including cover): 150
Size: 22,2 (width) x 29,7 (height) x 2 (thickness) cm
weight: 991g
Printing technique: Digital